Embedded Video

You can embed into website pages video clips located on popular video sharing sites, such as YouTube (youtube.com), Vimeo (vimeo.com), MySpace (myspace.com), and Dailymotion (dailymotion.com).

To insert a video into a webpage:

  1. Go to the Modules tab, select Embedded Video, and drag the module to the page.
  2. Insert a link to the video or select the option Embed code if you have obtained a code from a file sharing site, and then paste the code.

    Note: When adding a YouTube video to the webpage, we recommend that you do not use the old YouTube embedding code, which starts from "<object...". Doing so might break the layout of the webpage on some mobile devices.

  3. Click OK.

To remove a video:

Place the mouse pointer over the video and click Remove.