Backing Up and Restoring Data

With the data backup and restore functions provided by your Plesk, you can perform the following operations:

  • Perform a manual backup. You can back up the configuration of your reseller account in Plesk as well as the configuration of all customer accounts, with or without the domains' data, including website content, mail content, databases, and more.
  • Schedule an automated backup. You can configure a scheduled backup that will automatically back up the selected content at a specified interval.
  • Restore the contents of a backup file. You can restore configuration and content stored in any of the backup files you create.

The table below describes what data is stored in backups containing only configuration, and those containing both configuration and content.

What is backed up

What is included

Reseller's configuration

  • Reseller's personal settings
  • Service plans and subscriptions
  • Settings and configuration of customer accounts, sites, databases, mailboxes, mailing lists.
  • SSL/TLS certificates.
  • DNS information.

Reseller's configuration and content

All of the above, plus:

  • Web sites' content.
  • Emails' content.
  • Mailing lists' content.
  • Databases' content.
  • Logs and statistics.
  • Custom error pages.

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